Final work of a site-specific workshop with Zoe Christiansen in 2006.

I wanted to make the invisible at Grønland visible (popular part
of Oslo, now populated by many immigrants). The things you don’t see
because of routine, because you don’t care or because they
happen behind doors or at times when you are not there. All this
is part of the same reality, in this case of Grønland.

Original version:
A video installation consisting of three TVs next to each other.
Each one equipped with different videos (all lasting 5min37sec) and headsets.
The videos were played simultaneously and looped. The viewers experience
would depend on which headset they headset they used
and whether they watched just one screen or all of them.

The video you can watch here is a shorter version for
DVD/blog and the quality is not optimum.

Thanks to Hanne Grieg Hermansen

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