POSTBOX BS5 181 by PENNYBLACK (Hannah+Maritea)

Pennyblack is a performance duo consisting of Hannah Reade and Maritea Dæhlin.

The Postbox performances are about letters and communication, as well as an action to preserve the postal service which is disappearing. We invite the audience to spend 20 minutes with us at a postbox, listen to our stories, be part of creating a letter picture by You and Your Work 5                               and be encouraged to writer their own, as we all wait for the postman.

Since the first performance at a postbox in Dartington, we have been commissioned to develop it for a festival in Bristol called You and Your Work (the video in this DVD is from that performance) and we have taken it to the In the Flesh festival in Plymouth.

picture by Kevin Clifford

Picture by Kevin Clifford


For more information visit:

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