TWILIGHT by Zoe Cöllins & Maritea Dæhlin

As part of our site specific module at Dartington College of Arts, Zoë Collins and I made an audio-walk called Twilight. It started at 5:15am, in darkness, with a small shadow show. Each participant had an mp3 player with mixed sounds from the site, as birds, and city sounds and text, which they listened to as we walked through the forest till the top of a hill where they experienced a small fish ritual at sunrise and drank tea as they where left alone.


All this in silence.

These are the instructions the participants had received before taking part in the experience:

-When you wake up stay in your night clothes
and wear warm
clothes over the top and good walking shoes

– Bring a torch

-Don’t talk from the moment you wake up
till you go to sleep again after the piece

-When you return from the piece we advise the audience to go back to
bed and sleep for some hours to see what that does to your experience

We later received feedback that when waking up the second time the performance felt as if it had been a dream.

pictures by David Williams

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