I want to be traditional / Quiero ser tradicional

foto 76.jpg

Video/photo performance by Maritea Daehlin. Camera and light: Isaac Díaz Valderrama. Assistance: Ursula Lascurain.

P1070011 copy 2.jpg

Video/photo performance by Maritea Dæhlin. Camera and light: Isaac Díaz Valderrama. Assistance: Ursula Lascurain

(Pronto texto en español)

I WANT TO BE TRADITIONAL is Maritea’s latest project and is continuously under transformation, till now it includes 3 texts (“I am not sweet”, “I want to be traditional” and “Sangre”) and a video-performance in collaboration with Isaac Díaz Valderrama on camera and lights and Ursula Lascurain as assistant.

The project explores our need to label others and ourselves, belonging and identity.

I WANT TO BE TRADITIONAL was presented as different versions during 2017 at the experimental poetry festival ENCLAVE in Mexico City, at Center for Performance Studies i New York, Brooklyn Studies for Dance in New York, ITINERANT international performance Art Festival NYC and at Nolitch X in Copenhagen, Denmark.

More info on the following links:

Center for Performance Studies (CPR), New York. April 25th, 2017: http://www.cprnyc.org/events/performance-studio-open-house-april/

Brooklyn Studios for Dance, New York. May 13th, 2017http://bksd.org/event/artists-as-i-believe-in-the-importance-of-creating-artistic-encounters-where-we-can-observe-and-explore-our-differences-and-connections-coming-from-different-artistic-and-cultural-backgrounds-to-expan/

ENCLAVE festival, March 2017: https://enclaveglobal.wordpress.com/enclave-2017/participantes/

Nolitch X, Copenhagen Denmark October 2017: https://nolitchx.com/2017/09/07/kbh-poetry-x-multilingual-poetry-event/

No Nation Gallery in Chicago, May 2017.

Soon: Ellas – Encuentro de artistas Latino Americanas. Campinas, Brasil. Noviembre 2017. https://festivalellas.wixsite.com/ellascampinas/inicio 



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