About Maritea

(Abajo en Español)


My life has always been nomadic and since being a child I have had to continuously adapt to very different contexts (countries, cultures, languages). This has become central to my artistic practice, to my thoughts, to my way of living and how I see and interact with the world. I always ask myself how to keep my center, my core, to be Maritea, at the same time as being a part of the changing world which surrounds me and which I am part of. I see my performance practice as a dialogue with this space that I am moving within, as a way to question it, to see its paradoxes, to accept that I will never completely fit in. While feeling at home and still being seen as a foreigner. 

I am interested in human behaviours, emotions, rituals and encounters. My performances which span between devised theatre, video-performance, performance art and interactive live works, are minimal, playful, non-linear and absurd. Both my solo and collaborative work leave an open space for the audience to make up their own points of view, letting their emotions being touched and the freedom to not have to understand everything.

I hold a BA (First Class HONS) in Devised Theatre with Digital Arts at Dartington College of Arts in England and an MA in Psychodrama at Escuela Mexicana de Psicodra
ma and Casa Luz. I also studied acting at Nordic Black Express in Norway. I have one foot in Mexico and one in Norway, with two hands to move freely without borders.

I also organise projects involving other artists under the name of TRENZA NEGRA and lead workshops at various locations and institutions.



Maritea Daehlin es una artista interesada en el comportamiento humano, emociones, rituales y encuentros. Su trabajo de (devised) teatro y de performance interactivo son no-lineares, llenos de juego, minimalistas y absurdos. Tanto cuando trabaja con creación colectiva o en solitario, el producto final deja un espacio abierto para que el espectador pueda crear su propio punto de vista, permitiendo que sus emociones sean tocadas y con la libertad de no tener que entenderlo todo.

Maritea concluyó una Licenciatura en Devised Teatro con Artes Digitales en Dartington College of Arts y una Maestría en Psicodrama en Casa Luz y la Escuela Mexicana de Psicodrama en México. Además de estudiar actuación en Nordic Black Express, en Noruega. Tiene un pie en México y otro en Noruega, con dos manos que se mueven libremente sin fronteras.

Maritea también organiza proyectos que involucran a otros artistas (como residencias, talleres, charlas, etc.) bajo el nombre de TRENZA NEGRA e imparte talleres en varios espacios e instituciones.

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